We understand it’s the Australian way to wear a pair of thongs in summer!

Archies Arch Support Thongs were designed by an Australian physiotherapist who was sick and tired of telling his patients to stop wearing flat thongs! While the concept of orthotics thongs is not new, our podiatrist has tried and tested many, this design has many supportive features while still looking like a ‘normal’ pair of thongs.


Archies Thongs are great to be worn as an in and around the house slipper, especially if you wear orthotics or other supportive footwear. This is because often we go from wearing our supportive footwear or orthotics through the day and then come home and walk around in bare feet on hard floorboards and tiles. The super comfortable soft foam and the arch support found in Archies Thongs is great to help take some off the stress and strain when walking around on hard surfaces. In particular, the thongs are great for any of our patients suffering from plantar fasciitis to support and protect the arch while it is healing. In this case, we suggest to put your Archies on before you even take your first step in the morning, having the arch may help to reduce pain and facilitate a more optimal healing environment.

High-Arched Feet

People with high arches have a tendency to take increased stress on the outside of the foot and leg which over time may lead to discomfort. The addition of arch support in this foot type can help more evenly distribute the load and pressure across the foot.